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on Thursday, 05 October 2017. Posted in Useful Stuff

Architectural designers will help you get the result you're after - and if you're after a truly bespoke design, the money is well spent.

Employing an Architectural Design Practice with experience of dealing with your local planning authority is important, together with sourcing the best local trades-people. Orange Key have access to the area's most respected builders whom they are happy to recommend for your project.
ENGAGING A DESIGNER When you choose an architectural designer, remember that good design is worth paying for and investing the time and money in — expect to allocate between five and 10 per cent of your budget for design work. Your designer will see your project through planning and Building Regulations approval and get you to a stage where you can engage with builders. A designer will be crucial in making your project a success so make sure your designer understands your needs and requirements and is capable of producing drawings that can actually be built, and to budget (ask to see evidence of how they would do that when you interview them). FINDING BUILDERS Choosing a main contractor is part instinct and heart but mainly wallet. Meet at least five, and invite them to quote on your project using fully detailed tender documents (that your designer should have helped you prepare). Armed with this detailed information, you should be able to get accurate (and probably better) prices than if you left a lot to be decided on site at a later stage. Ask your designer, neighbours, friends, Building Control etc for their recommendations. That way, you’ll end up with a builder that you can communicate with, who understands the project, your budget and your design ambitions — and, hopefully, comes within budget.